Society Announcements – 11th February, 2024


John the Baptist had been preaching to the people and baptizing them in preparation for the coming of the Saviour. Today, Jesus, Saviour of the world walks up to John to be baptized and John recognizes Jesus as God’s chosen one.

Lord Jesus, I have become yours at baptism, shine your light on my path always and never let me stray from you. Amen.

Be focused on Jesus. Eat, play, sleep, read, work and walk as Jesus would do.


  1. How did John the Baptist recognize Jesus?
  2. Do you think John was happy to tell people to follow Jesus instead of him?
  3. In what form did the Holy Spirit appear on Jesus?
  4. Can you mention two other symbols of the Holy Spirit?


CYON THEME:  Mary arose and went with haste (Lk. 1:39)
Sub-Theme: “Feed my sheep” (Jn. 21:15-17)

  1. HOLY FAMILY YOUTH FELLOWSHIP: This holds every Friday at 6:30pm, kindly contact our WhatsApp hotline to be carried along (09021232589).
  2. CYON General Meeting: Holds every second Sunday immediately after 8am mass. Venue: Cardinal Okojie Parish Hall. Don’t miss it today.
  3. CYON POLO: The New CYON POLO is now available at 3500 naira only. Kindly pay to the account details- Zenith Bank: Jennifer Maduka, 2417496450.

For God and for youths…. Through Christ!!


Dear radiant sisters, kindly note the following:

  1. There will be a compulsory meeting of all intending Lectors for our Monthly Second Sunday Liturgical obligation on second Saturdays. Time: after morning mass.
  2. The Archdiocesan CWO wrapper is ready for collection at our General Meeting.
  3. Be reminded of our Monday Devotions after the afternoon and evening masses.

May Our Mother of Good Counsel intercede for us. Amen.

Through Mary our Mother…………… We Succeed!!


1. GENERAL MEETING: Our monthly general meeting holds every second Sunday of the month immediately after the 10am mass at the Upper Hall. We are also encouraged to participate in the open thanksgiving at all masses.

2. ZONING: The zoning arrangement programme in CMO is in progress. Please ensure you fill the form and identify your own zone for effective integration and collaboration.

3. FINANCE: All members should obtain their new Membership Card from the Financial Team and should equally liase with them for the settlement of both old and new debts. Payment can be made to the account: CMO HFCC Festac: Access Bank, 0026624329.

4. DEVOTION: Our monthly devotion holds every second Saturday of the month at the Cardinal Okogie Hall. All members are expected to be in attendance.

N.B: Every member is expected to participate actively in all activities and new members are welcome.

CMO……………… Christ is our Leader

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