Concentrate on Testifying to the Lord

Jesus teaches us in the gospel reading that we may hear of wars and possibly see fearful sights of earthquakes, famine, disease, etc. and be griped with the fear that the end has come, but we should not be consumed in thought by these, rather we should concentrate on giving testimony to the Lord for his goodness and mercies upon us. Jesus teaches that we will be persecuted because of faith and belief in Christ, but our perseverance in testifying to the goodness of the Lord upon us will win us our lives. It is precisely through our perseverance in being with the Lord that will distinguish us from the proud and evildoers, as the first reading states. This is what will save us from that day that is coming, which is blazing like the oven and will consume the proud and evil doers. So, we must persevere in being Christ-like, just like in the second reading, St. Paul and his companions were Christ-like in their conducts and dealings among the people of Thessalonica, working hard among them and not lording it over anyone.


My Lord and my God, help me remain firm in you despite all the persecutions and fearful sights that may come my way. Grant me the understanding that your love for me surpasses whatever persecution or fearful sights that I encounter in the world. Help me to remain Christ-like all my life.

TRAIN A VIRTUE FOR CHRIST FOR THE WEEK: (Fidelity) Be Continuously faithful to a cause, belief or a person, especially God.

DAY’S MEDITATION POINTS FOR THE WEEK: (a) At what times have I found it difficult to remain faithful to God? (b) How do I improve on the virtue of fidelity? (c) Is truth and fidelity connected?

MEMORY VERSE FOR THE WEEK: For the fear of the Lord is Wisdom and instruction, and he delights in fidelity and meekness. (Sirach 1:27)


SUNDAY                       Psalm 132
MONDAY                      Psalm 128
TUESDAY                     Psalm 51
WEDNESDAY              Psalm 29
THURSDAY                  Psalm 86
FRIDAY                         Psalm 72
SATURDAY             Psalm 79