Responsible Parenthood Cont\’d – 17th November

The concept that natural family planning is difficult was a calculated attempt by the agents of the culture of death to distract, dishearten and discourage you from living it

My response to you dear couples, married in the tradition of the Catholic Church is to remember that your spousal union is a Sacrament, an icon of the marriage of Christ and the Church. It is a consummation of LOVE in a total, free, faithful, and fruitful self-donation to each other every day as long you are both alive! Consider truly, is your marriage based on LOVE or merely on USE? Consider this and evaluate; are you loving your spouse OR are you using your spouse?

Have a fruitful reflection until next week! May God bless you.

Founded in GodDirected to God and others (NO 1 of OTHERS IS YOUR SPOUSE)Respects the otherAttraction with commitmentResponsibleUnconditionalFull self-controlWaits/ TemperateBased in the Whole PersonFaithfulMutual sexual satisfaction   Founded in SelfDirected to SelfDisrespects and abuses the otherAttraction without commitmentNo ResponsibilityConditionalPoor/No self-controlHurries/ No temperanceBased on Lust or InfatuationCheatsSelf-sexual gratification  

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