From the Archbishop\’s Desk – 18th April, 2021


  • ON THE COVID-19 VACCINE: We are all aware that different Covid-19 Vaccines have been discovered and are in circulation now. We are aware of the controversies that surround the vaccines at this time. We, however, see the vaccines coming out in record time as an indication that our prayer for an end to the coronavirus pandemic has not been in vain. We urge everyone to carefully consider receiving the vaccine and take their own wise decision looking at the example of such personalities as the Holy Father, the Pope. We pray the Lord to guide us as we go through the challenges of the time.  Meanwhile, we must continue to take the precautions of wearing of face masks, regular washing of hands, the use of sanitizers, maintaining physical distance, resisting the urge to touch our eyes and faces and observing the basic rules of hygiene. The virus is still with us even if it is not as virulent or as widespread as in other parts of the world and so we cannot afford to relax on the safety measures.
  • Lay Leaders Seminar: the 2021 Archdiocesan Lay Leaders’ Seminar for members of Executives and Representatives of Archdiocesan and Deanery Laity Councils and Lay organizations, societies and associations comes up as follows:
    Date: Saturday 15th May, 2021
    Venue: St Jude Catholic Church, Mafoluku.
    Theme: Accountable Stewardship, a Criterion of Judgement for Christian Leaders (Jas     3:1)
    Accreditation: begins by 8:30am.
  • Department of Social Communication: The new edition of the Archdiocesan Catholic Herald Newspaper is out on sale in Catholic bookstores all around the Archdiocese. We encourage the faithful to buy the newspaper and be informed about the faith and events concerning the Church. As part of the efforts to widen the scope of the Catholic Herald Newspaper, the Directorate of Social Communications hereby welcomes write-ups and contributions on matters of faith and morals as well as social issues from priests, religious (Male and female) as well as lay faithful. You can send your write-ups/ contributions to: or for consideration.

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