Parish Announcements – 17th March, 2024

  1. LAITY COLLECTION: Today, 17th March 2024 our Second Collection shall be an Archdiocesan Collection for Laity Council so as to support the activities of the Laity within the Archdiocese. Let us all donate generously.
  1. SPECIAL COLLECTION FOR THE POOR: Today, 17th March 2024 is our monthly Special Collection for the Poor. This collection is to help support the activities of St. Vincent De Paul. We are all encouraged to donate generously. “Remember, whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”
  1. LAITY WEEK: The 2024 Parish Laity Week begins today, 17th March 2024 in our parish. The weeklong event titled “Religion, Synodality and Civic Responsibility for a Better Nigeria”. Talks on selected topics will be presented during the evening Masses from Monday to Friday. The schedule of topics are as follows:

Mon., 18th Mar. 2024:
a) Religion: An Instrument for Nation Building and Peaceful Co-existence  
b) Moral Regeneration: An Indispensable Factor for a Cohesive Nation

Tues., 19th Mar. 2024: Synodality as a Springboard for Nation Building

Wed., 20th Mar. 2024:
a) Civility of Lay Faithful for Political Participation
b) Religion and Moral Politics: Necessary Realities for National Progress

Thurs., 21st Mar. 2024:
a) Moral integrity: Fortress for Healthy Society
b) Moral Education in Nigeria: Then, Now and Future

Fri., 18th Mar. 2024:
a) Insecurity as an Epidemic: Time to Rework Curbing Modalities
b) Tackling the Spate of Unemployment: Youths in Focus

Sat., 18th Mar. 2024: Corporal Works of Mercy

  1. PALM SUNDAY: Next Sunday, 24th March, 2024, is Palm Sunday and it marks the beginning of the Holy week, the climax of the Church’s Liturgical year. There shall be blessing of palms at each mass. The procession shall begin after the 8:00am mass from the Event Center. We are all encouraged to participate actively in the Holy Week Ceremonies. Please kindly check the inside front cover page of the bulletin for the Holy Week schedule.
  1. SOLEMNITY: Tuesday, 19th March, 2024 is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are all obliged to attend mass and observe the feast devoutly. Masses shall be at the usual times.
  1. 11TH PAPAL ANNIVERSARY: Tuesday, 19th March 2024, is the 11th anniversary of the Solemn Inauguration of the Pontificate of Pope Francis. Let us all remember to pray for our Pope, the Vicar of Christ here on earth.
  1. FUNERAL MASS: There will be Funeral Mass for Late Mr Josephat Agwuncha on Friday, 22nd March, 2024 by 10:00am. He was a member of the Parish Choir. We are all encouraged to pray for the repose of his soul.
  1. CONFESSIONS: Confessions before Easter will end on Saturday, 23rd March 2024 and will resume on Tuesday, 9th April 2024.
  1. HOLY WEEK BROCHURE: Our parish Holy Week/ Easter Brochure for the Holy Week and Easter period is already on sale at the Bulletin Stand. This brochure will run from next week Sunday (Palm Sunday), 24th March 2024, to 7th April, 2024. Price: #1,000.
  1. STATIONS OF THE CROSS: During the Lenten Season, our Parish Stations of the Cross shall hold every Wednesday and Friday at 12noon and 5:30pm. We are all encouraged to journey with the Lord through His passion and death. Booklets are available at #250 only.
  1. SMALL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY: During this period of Lent, SCC meetings will take place at various community centers on Tuesday, 19th March, 2024 at 6pm. Scriptural reading: Mark 14:1-15;47. Please note that there will be no evening Mass or Society meetings during the SCC time.There shall be mass this Tuesday at St. Joseph SCC. Venue: 321 Road, D Close, House 24, Festac Town.
  1. FATHER DAY’S CELEBRATION 2024: The Confraternity of Christian Fathers holds her Father’s Day Celebration next week Sunday, 24th March 2024. To this effect, novena to St. Joseph is currently ongoing by St. Joseph Statue in the Church. Time: 5:00pm. Other activities include:

Tues., 19th March 2024:        Feast Day Open Thanksgiving at all masses

Sun., 24th March 2024:        
i. Open Thanksgiving at all masses 
ii. Gift Sharing to children after 8:00am & 10:00am masses
iii. Medical Checks of Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar for the elderly (50 years and above) after the 10:00am mass.
iv. Visit to some elderly members.

  1. SUPPORT FOR CHRISM MASS: Parishioners who wish to make a donation towards the support of the Chrism Mass holding at Festac on Tuesday, 26TH March 2024 should kindly contact any of the Priests or the Parish Office.
  1. PARISH OFFICE: The priests will not be available at the office during Holy week except for emergency cases. The Parish Office will however be open. It shall close for the Easter break on Tuesday, 26th March, 2024 to reopen on Monday, 8th April, 2024. Mass bookings shall be available after each morning mass at the sacristy.
  1. PRE-MARRIAGE COURSE: This is to inform all parishioners that Pre- Marriage Class which holds every Sunday at 12:00pm will close for Easter Break on Sunday, 24th March 2024 and resume on Sunday, 14th April, 2024.
  1. TENEBRAE: My God, my God, why have thou forsaken me? The Office of Tenebrae is one of the practices of the Catholic Church. It is a ceremony that combines the Divine Office of Psalms and readings with the gradual extinguishing of candles to denote the almost complete abandonment of Christ. We shall all participate on Good Friday by 7:30am. Let us all come to be fully involved in this solemn practice of the Holy Triduum.
  1. REFLECTIONS ON THE LAST SEVEN WORDS: As Jesus hung on the Cross, he uttered seven last words of great meaning to those who contemplate his passion and death. We shall as a community reflect on these words on Good Friday by 9:00am. Let us all be part of this important celebration.
  1. EASTER MONDAY (GALILEE DAY): The Parish Galilee Day celebrations shall be on Monday, 1st April 2024 immediately after the 11am mass. All parishioners are enjoined to come along with their lunch, however, the various Small Christian Communities are to bring food and drinks for members of their communities and well-wishers. Venue: Church Compound. Come and rejoice in the Lord with thanksgiving and praise in a fun filled atmosphere. Do not miss out on the fun.
  1. BULLETIN: Dear parishioners we wish to inform you that due to the increased cost of publishing our weekly parish bulletin, the cost of purchase beginning from the month of April, 7th April 2024, will no longer be #100 but #200. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences.
  1. MOTHERS’ DAY CELEBRATION 2024: Our Parish Mothers’ Day Celebration will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday, 14th April, 2024. The lined-up activities for the celebration as follows:

Saturday, 13th April 2024:  

a) Aerobics and body exercises,
b) Health Check by our nurses; and
c) Health Talk on coping with stress in the present Economy.

Sunday, 14th April 2024:      Thanksgiving Mass and reception for all women on Sunday.

Please note that every woman is expected to pay a minimum pay levy of #2,000 each. Dress Code: CWO National Uniform or White & Blue. We appeal for your generous donations in cash and kind in celebrating our mothers as we pray that our Mother Mary will continue to intercede for us as we respond positively.

Mothers’ Day Celebration 2024, we are all one in Mother Mary

  1. CBCN COLLECTION: Next week Sunday, 24th March 2024 our Second Collection shall be a special Archdiocesan Collection for Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) to support the activities of our Nigerian Bishops. Let us all prepare to donate generously.
  1. (1%) ONE PERCENT BIBLE CHALLENGE: We wish to encourage all Parishioners to read and study the word of God for at least 15minutes every day; which is about 1% of 24 hours. For this period leading to Easter, we shall continue with various bible passages that talks about the Passion & Death of Jesus Christ. Take up this challenge faithfully as stated below and be enriched spiritually.
Day/MonthBible Passages
17 MarchJeremiahChapters 11
18 MarchIsaiahChapters 50 & 52
19 MarchZechariahChapters 12
20 MarchHoseaChapters 5
21 MarchHebrewsChapters 2 & 4
22 MarchHebrewsChapters 6 & 10
23 MarchMarkChapters 1 till end
  1. RETURN TO THE SACRAMENTS: We wish to encourage those who have been estranged from the sacraments for one reason or the other especially the Holy Eucharist, to return to the Sacraments. Kindly meet any of the Priests if you are having any difficulty in this regard. May Christ grant us life through His Body and Blood. Amen.

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