Parish Announcements – 20th March, 2022



We wish to thank God and all parishioners for the success of our just concluded 21-Days Foundational Prayer Retreat. We wish to encourage us to continue to soar on the wings of Grace this 2022 by:

  • Attending masses regularly.
  • Reading the Word of God daily.
  • Spending time in prayer and adoration daily.
  • Join a society and get involved in the Church Activities.
  • Get a Mass Journal and write something from the homily every Sunday.
  • Grow in the knowledge of the Faith and Church Doctrines.

May God continue to bless us all!!! Amen

  1. SECURITY ALERT: We wish to call our attention to the increase in the level of insecurity especially before the 6am mass. Extra measures have been taken around the Church and Event Center. Parishioners should endeavour to be more conscious on their way to masses. May the Lord protect us from every evil. Amen.
  1. At the expiration of the 28th February 2022 deadline and 24 hours grace period given to Societies and Organizations the following groups failed to submit their year 2021 Financial Report.
  1. ST. JUDE
  5. MOD

In line with the resolution of the Parish Pastoral Council, all the above listed groups are hereby suspended from holding meetings/programmes in the Parish pending the joint meeting of the Pastoral Team and the executives of the affected societies. The affected leaders should take note and await the invitation for the proposed joint session.

  • S.C.C. AWARENESS: The month of March is specially dedicated to the Small Christian Communities in the Parish. Let us all endeavour to join the nearest SCCs closest to our homes.

          ……………..PARISH ANNOUNCEMENTS……………………

  1. LAITY COLLECTION: There will be a special Archdiocesan collection at all the masses today for the Laity. Let us all donate generously.
  1. PARISH BULLETIN: Due to the high cost of production, we want to inform all parishioners that henceforth our Parish Weekly Bulletin Publications will be sold for the price rate of ₦100.
  1. SOLEMNITY: Friday, 25th March is the Solemnity ofthe Annunciation of the Lord. We are all obliged to attend mass. There shall be masses at the usual times.
  1. PARISH LENTEN RETREAT: Our Parish Lenten Retreat shall hold from next Sunday, March 27th to April 2nd, 2022. Theme:COME LET US RETURN TO THE LORD (Hos. 6:1)”. Let us all prepare to participate actively. There shall be daily masses, confession, counselling, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament etc. Time: 5:30pm daily.
  1. SYNOD 2023: Parishioners are reminded to kindly answer the Synod questions and drop in the Synod Suggestion Box in front of the Church.
  1. 2022 JDPC LENTEN CAMPAIGN: Next Sunday, March 27th 2022, we shall have the annual JDPC Lenten Campaign at all masses. Let us prepare to support the collective work for social justice in our country.
  1. HARVEST 2021: The Harvest of Testimony 2021 committee is winding down her accounts. We wish to appeal to all those yet to redeem their pledges to do so as soon as possible for proper accounting.
  1. SUPPORT FOR CHRISM MASS: Parishioners who wish to make a donation towards the support of the Chrism Mass holding at Festac should kindly contact any of the Priests or the Parish Office.
  1. STATIONS OF THE CROSS: There shall be Stations of the Cross on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12noon and 5:30pm respectively (Main Church only) and on Fridays only by 5:30pm (Event Center). Booklets are available at the Bookshop for ₦200 only. Note: There will be no SCC meetings during this period of Lent because of the Stations of the Cross.
  1. BLOOD DONATION DRIVE: The Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service in conjunction with the Nigerian Red Cross, Holy Family Detachment as part of the Lenten observances is organizing a blood dation drive today, 20th March, 2022. Venue: Omisesan Hall. Time: 8am to 3pm. You are encouraged to donate so as to lead a healthier and longer life.
  1. PASSION OF CHRIST: This is to inform all parishioners that the Passion of Christ Drama Rehearsals are ongoing and there are vacancies for Cast and Crew. Interested persons should please meet us downstairs, in front of the Generator House by the exit gate immediately after the Mass.
  1. CLEANING OF THE CHURCH: We hereby urge all parishioners to imbibe proper maintenance culture as relating to keeping the church and its premises clean always. As we encourage all parishioners to use the waste bins rather than litter the church with dirt, we also appreciate those parishioners who have been helping in sweeping and keeping the church compound clean. As we keep the House of God clean, may God keep us clean from sin and free us from all evil. Amen.
  1. CATECHESIS ANNOUNCEMENT: Dear Parishioners, this is to inform you that registration of our children for the 2022/2024 Session of the Easter Sacrament will commence as follows: Date: 5th March – 30th April 2022. Time: 3:30 pm on Saturdays Only. Classes for Registration: Baptism, First Holy Communion and RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) only. For more enquires please call: 08159200545.
  1. CALL TO BE A CATECHIST:(Are you a faith-filled person who cares about young people? Do you recognize your baptismal call to share your gifts in service to others? Are you open to the challenge of learning about your faith?) The Catechist Association of the Parish kindly calls on all parishioners who are eager to share their faith with others to please register on Saturdays (3pm) and Sundays (3:30pm) at the Catechist Resource Center or call: 08159200545
  1. INFO-TECH SERVICES: Holy Family Info-Tech Services is pleased to inform all parishioners that Computer Classes have resumed fully with ALL Programs such as: ICT Essentials, Desktop Publishing; Graphics Design; Web-Design; Computer Engineering; Coding etc. All interested parishioner should visit the ICT Centre at the CYON wing of the parish. For more information please call: 08035343025, 08162195710.
    Don’t keep your kids at home, keep them busy!!!
  1. HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC PARISH LIBRARY: We are pleased to inform you that the Anthony Cardinal Okogie Reference (Parish) Library located beside the Anthony Cardinal Okojie Lower Hall is here to serve you better. At very affordable prices, we offer the following services: Photocopying, Lamination, Binding, Spiral Binding, Typing, Printing, Colored Photocopy etc. We also offer a vast range of books ranging from Literature to Accounting to Economics and a lot more. Working Hours: Mondays to Fridays. Time: 9am- 4pm. God bless you as you patronize us. For further enquiries on how to use to library or any of its services, please call: 09036389533 or 08169228063 (Ms. Chinwe).
  1. (1%) ONE PERCENT BIBLE CHALLENGE: We wish to encourage all Parishioners to read and study the word of God for at least 15minutes every day; which is about 1% of 24 hours. We are continuing with Romans and 1st Letter of Corinthians for this week. Take up this challenge faithfully as stated below and be enriched spiritually.
Day/Month Bible Passages
21 March Romans Chapter 12
22 March Romans Chapter 13
23 March Romans Chapter 14
24 March Romans Chapter 15
25 March Romans Chapter 16
26 March 1st Corinthians Chapter  1
27 March 1st Corinthians Chapter  2
  1. RETURN TO THE SACRAMENTS: We wish to encourage those who have been estranged from the sacraments for one reason or the other especially the Holy Eucharist, to return to the Sacraments. Kindly meet any of the Priests if you are having any difficulty in this regard. May Christ grant us life through His Body and Blood. Amen.


CYON THEME:  Mary arose and went with haste (Lk. 1:39)
Sub-Theme: “Feed my sheep” (Jn. 21:15-17)

1) HOLY FAMILY YOUTH FELLOWSHIP: This holds every Friday at 6:30pm, kindly contact our WhatsApp hotline to be carried along (08163732315). For God and for youths…. Through christ!!

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