Responsible Parenthood Cont’d

Welcome to this Week’s Family Forum!

 In considering the unitive and procreative aspects of marriage, a brief look at the gift of human sexuality and its purpose is necessary. Sexuality is the totality of who we are as male or female. It involves not only the physical (body/genitality) but also our mental, emotional, psychological, even our spiritual being. Our sexuality is a special gift from God through which we are meant to express LOVE which is our nature because we are created in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of GOD!This love which is a total gift of one’s self to another (or to God in the service of His people) is our vocation in Life, to be lived to the FULL in Marriage between a man and a woman or in Celibacy/Virginity for the sake of the Kingdom of Christ! Either way, it ought to lead to LIFE/FRUITFULNESS thus glorifying GOD!


As an Image of God, fully endowed with the gift of sexuality, whatever stage you are in life, think seriously… how you have lived your sexuality:  

– for Love and Life thus glorifying God?


– for selfishness and death thus glorifying satan?

However it may have been, as people of hope, there is room for improvement or even for a complete U-turn and live your sexuality for love that leads to Life! Remember, we have a forgiving and healing God.
Till next week my dear Friends, best wishes and God bless you.

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