Society Announcement – 21st August, 2022

  1. 2nd SCOUT GROUP: 2nd Scout Group of HFCC, Amuwo-Odofin, LGA, holds its 2022 Harvest Thanksgiving Service today, 21st August 2022 at the 10:00am mass. All Scouts members, friends and parents are cordially invited to attend, in their Scouts Uniforms. 
  2. CATHOLIC WOMEN ORGANIZATION: Through Mary Our Mother, We Succeed!! Dear Radiant Sisters and Mothers, the Harvest Thanksgiving for all Catholic Women is slated for 11th September, 2022. Similarly, kindly pay your harvest levy of ₦1,500 and ensure you get a receipt.

Harvest of Divine Peace! Grant us Peace oh Lord!!


It is in the nature of man to ask questions because God gave us the wisdom to do so. As Jesus went through the towns and villages in today’s gospel, teaching people, someone asks Jesus if only a few people will be saved. Jesus’ response is a strong advice for us all.

Loving Father, help me to be focused on the Kingdom. Fill me with your grace and take away from me everything that wants to obstruct my entry into your Kingdom.

Pray daily. Avoid distractions. Be focused on Jesus.


  1. Who can successfully enter the Kingdom of God?
  2. Why will many not be able to?
  3. What things can distract us from focusing on the Kingdom of God?
  4. Is it only Catholics that will enter the Kingdom of God? What is the reason for your answer?
  5. Jesus said He will gather people from East and West, North and South into the Kingdom. What does this statement mean?
  6. Jesus said, “Do your best to go through the narrow door”. What does this mean?
  7. What choices do you think we can make that will prevent us from entering the Kingdom?


CYON THEME:  Mary arose and went with haste (Lk. 1:39)

Sub-Theme: “Feed my sheep” (Jn. 21:15-17)

  1. HOLY FAMILY YOUTH FELLOWSHIP: This holds every Friday at 6:30pm, kindly contact our WhatsApp hotline to be carried along (08163732315).
  2. CYON General Meeting: Holds every second Sunday immediately after 9am mass. Venue: Cardinal Okojie Parish Hall. Don\’t miss it today.
  3. CYON HFCC, POPCORN Vacancy: Any person interested in handling the activities of the CYON popcorn stand should kindly  contact the president, Ms Vivian Ibuodinma 08163732315.
  4. GRAPHIC DESIGNERS EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM: CYON is looking for graphic designers and video editors to empower if you are interested in learning kindly contact Mr Chibueze 08165610588.
  5. CYON T-SHIRT: The New CYON T-shirt is now available at 2500 naira only. Kindly pay to the account details- Zenith Bank: Osuji Casmir Emeka, 2283798836.
  6. CYON ELECTION UPDATE: Following the 4 Year tenure of the Catholic Church, the Vivian Ibuodinma led Executives who were elected in Oct 2018 tenure will elapse this October 2022. Election would be conducted in earnest. To all Members vying for any position below, kindly contact any of the Electoral committee members @Odera Victor Hfcc, @Padre Mark Okojie, @Vivian Corpa HFCC   or @Ben Bils Hfcc.

Available Posts: President, Vice-President 1, Vice-President 2, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Public Relations Officer 1, Public Relations Officer 2, Financial Secretary, Welfare Officer 1, Welfare Officer 2, Director of Social 1, Director of Social 2, Provost 1, Provost 2 and Faith Formator.

Note: Members shall be between the ages 18 – 30 as stipulated in the CYON Lagos Archdiocesan Constitution. All members vying for positions MUST be a baptized Catholic and communicant. Members should at least belong to one (1) Pius society. And lastly, interest forms would soon be made available.



For God and for youths…. Through Christ!!

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