Society Announcements – 26th November, 2023


The following parishioners:
Mr Sunny Onyolu;
Mr Ngadi Matthew;
Mr Sylvester Bassey
have indicated interest to join the Knights of St. John International, Holy Family Commandery 643, Festac Town, Lagos. If anyone has an information that prevents them from being admitted, kindly contact the Parish Priest.


Jesus commanded us to love one another as He loves us. In today’s gospel He reminds us that each loving gesture we make or kind word we utter will bring us closer to His Kingdom because whatever we do for others, we do to Him.

Dear Jesus, open my eyes to see you in the people around me, especially in the sick, the poor and the hungry. Give me a kind heart to help others. Amen.

Be generous. Love everything around you, speak kind words to them and help them.


  1. What is Jesus coming back to do?
  2. Who does the sheep on the right represent?
  3. Who does the goat on the let represent?
  4. For us to inherit His Kingdom, what does He expect us to do to our neighbours?
  5. How can we as children be good to our neighbours?

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