Society Announcement – 7th August, 2022


In today’s gospel, Jesus is telling us again what we need to do to gain eternal life. He encourages us to save our riches in heaven, to be watchful servants, waiting for the coming of their masters; to be faithful with all he entrusts in our hands and to be trustworthy. Such a servant will be richly blessed.

Dear Jesus, strip me of all attachments that would prevent me from making heaven. Give me the grace of steadfast trust in your guidance. May you find me watching and waiting faithfully for your coming.

Jesus loves and trusts you. Do not do anything that will make Him distrust you.


  1. Why is Jesus asking His disciples to sell all they have?
  2. What are they to do with the proceeds of the sale?
  3. What will happen to riches that are saved in heaven?
  4. Who are the faithful and wise servants?
  5. Who is the Master, who are the servants and what are the treasures?
  6. What do you think are the riches that we need to sell?

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